Sheila Wignes-Paton BAET, CPRP, RTC
Executive Director
Phone: 306-569-1977
Fax: 306-569-1986

Ann-Marie Piniach RPN, RTC, CPRP
Manager of Complex Needs Programs Manager
Phone: 306-359-6605 or 306-569-1977
Fax: 306-569-1986
E-mail: apiniachphoenixregina.com

Carol Stephenson RPN, RTC, CPRP
Phoenix Oak Program Manager
Phone: 306-757-7331 or 306-569-1977
Fax: 306-569-1986
E-mail: cstephensonphoenixregina.com

Mallory Sprawson, RPN, RTC
Supervisor, HOMES and CHIP Programs
Phone: 306-569-1977
Fax: 306-569-1986
E-mail: msprawsonphoenixregina.com

Tyler Smidt
ABI Coordinator
Phone 306 569-3418
Fax 306 569-1986
E-mail: tsmidtphoenixregina.com

Kendra Giles, BA Psyc., BSW, RSW, RTC
Innovative Housing Programs Manager
Phone 306 569-1977
Fax 306 569-1986
E-mail kgilesphoenixregina.com