The Eaton Intensive Program provides 24-hour staff support on site in an apartment style residence for up to 10 individuals. The goal of the program is to be a transition step to less intensive services that exist in the community.

The program is geared for those individuals who are in an inpatient facility or SHNB and are ready to transition into the community but still require a high degree of support. The potential for independent living must exist. The program may also be used as an alternative to hospitalization for individuals living in the community, who are struggling with maintaining their psychiatric stability.

Professional, designated staff will provide a high level of support including administering PRN medication and de-escalation techniques. The program does not provide any type of restraints.

Meals, housekeeping, trusteeship and laundry will be provided to those who require these type of services. Prompting, teaching and supervision of personal care is also provided. Individuals requiring more care maybe assessed through SWADD.  The emphasis of the program is on building skills and resources so individuals can live as independently as possible in the community.

Referrals to the Eaton Intensive Program come through Community Recovery Services or the
Community Recovery Team at the Regina Mental Health Clinic. Please call 306-766-7800 and ask to
speak to Intake to get further information.