Phoenix HOMES Program and CHIP located at 2035C Osler Street.

Housing & Other (case)Management & Engagement Services
Funded through the Federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy, HOMES is a Housing First model program which aims to provide immediate access to housing for individuals who are chronically homeless along with intensive support services once in housing. The program focuses around 5 main principles:
1. Immediate access to permanent housing with no housing readiness requirements
2. Consumer choice and self-determination
3. Recovery orientation
4. Individualized and client-driven supports
5. Social and community integration

Referrals to Phoenix HOMES come directly from the Centralized Housing Intake Process (CHIP). Appropriate candidates will be contacted for an interview with HOMES Program Supervisor once referral is received from CHIP.

Centralized Housing Intake Process (CHIP)
CHIP is a partnership between Phoenix Residential Society and numerous partner agencies in the community to provide housing and support services to individuals who are homeless. Phoenix operates CHIP and completes assessment for all homeless individuals that are referred. All individuals are assessed using the SPDAT and are then referred to the most appropriate partner agency based on the assessment results and most appropriate fit. Referring Community Service Organizations complete a VI-SPDAT assessment to forward to CHIP. All referrals are priority based.

What is Centralized Housing Intake Process (CHIP)?
CHIP is a process by which homeless individual are assessed and prioritized for access to housing services and supports, either through Phoenix HOMES Program or other partnering housing programs in the city.

How do I access CHIP (for myself or on behalf of someone I support)?
CHIP is a self-referral program. Referrals are made using the VI-SPDAT (Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization and Decision Assistance Tool) which is a “triage” assessment that qualifies an individual for either diversion services or a prioritization assessment.

Agencies and formal supports with access to the VI-SPDAT are asked to fill this out and either email the completed assessment to . If you or your agency would like more information on VI-SPDATs, how to access the assessment, or how to fill it out, please contact .

If you are an individual wanting to be assessed for housing supports, please call or stop by our office at 2035C Osler St. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9:00-4:30. We are closed over lunch hour every day, and on weekends and statutory holidays. Our staff will complete our triage assessment, the VI-SPDAT with you, and if required, book you in for a full assessment.

What is the next step?
After a VI-SPDAT is received or completed by CHIP staff, individuals who qualify will be booked in for a SPDAT (Service Prioritization and Decision Assistance Tool). This assessment is done by trained CHIP staff and gathers information to prioritize and refer individuals to housing programs that will best fit their needs. For more information on participating programs and how the prioritization system works, feel free to contact .
If an individual doesn’t qualify for this prioritization assessment, they are offered diversion services.

Diversion services include access to the Regina Street Survival Guide
( or a list of community resources where they can access phones and computers, and a low-cost rental unit list.