Geared towards individuals with the lived experience of a serious and persistent mental illness living in the community in various locations i.e.) on their own, or in other supportive living facilities. These are individuals who frequently or consistently have difficulty: maintaining their household, managing their finances, medication, hygiene and personal health: and who may have legal issues, difficulty avoiding putting self at risk and problematic substance use leading to an increased potential for homelessness.

The program aims to provide a high degree of collaboration with existing resources and community supports including police services related to crisis intervention and crisis response.

Program supports and services are intended to reduce use of acute care resources and maintain housing placements.

Services are based on Needs Assessments, Individual goals and Wellness plans.

A peer support model is an integral component of the services provided.

The program can accommodate 20-25 individuals that require support services to enable them to live successfully in the community. Individuals will be assigned an intensive case manager who together with a team of support workers and peer support workers will provide assistance 12-14 hours a day seven days a week. (8- 10 hours on the weekends). The overarching goal is for these individuals to be eventually transitioned to less intensive independent living services that exist in the community.

Referrals to the Phoenix Intensive Program Services come through Community Recovery Services or the
Community Recovery Team at the Regina Mental Health Clinic. Please call 306-766-7800 and ask to
speak to Intake to get further information.

To reach the staff at the Phoenix Intensive Program Services, please email: