PHOENIX OAK PROGRAM located at 2152 Hamilton Street.

Phoenix Oak Program
  • apartment based – one bedroom apartments; 24-hour staffing on site
  • high degree of support for the development of skills of daily living, interpersonal/coping/problem-solving/symptom management skills, and other life/wellness skills
  • medication management and financial trustee services provided
  • meal program provided; cooking classes
  • client-centered “menu of services” is based on Needs Assessment & Wellness Plan
  • placement is transitional in nature i.e. transfer to community, PALS, McEwen Manor re: follow-up
  • focus is on the development of skills of daily living, improved quality of life and other recovery and wellness planning i.e. employment, community integration

* Capacity for 16 clients

Referrals to the Oak Program come through Community Recovery Services at the Regina Mental Health
Clinic. Please call 306-766-7800 and ask to speak to Intake to get further information.